TBE Specialization

The PhD program is an 84 credit hour degree program. Since all students who enter the program will hold a Master’s degree, they may be credited (transfer) up to 32 credits hours toward the total credit hours required for the PhD. Hence the minimum credit hours of PhD study while at IIT is 52 credit hours, usually completed in three-and-a-half to four years beyond the Master’s degree. The majority of the coursework will be selected from the curriculum within the College of Architecture, though students are encouraged to find connections to other doctoral programs at the university.

Below are the required courses for the Technologies of the Built Environment (TBE) specialization which will include 6 credit hours of core courses; 6 credit hours chosen from a list of courses, depending on the student’s dissertation research interests; another 16 credit hours selected within the student’s dissertation research interests; and 24 credit hours of doctoral research courses (ARCH 691 or CAE 691). 

Required Core Courses (6 credit hours)
CAE 513 Building Science
ARCH 601 Doctoral Methodology Pre-Seminar

Required Elective Courses (minimum of two courses/6 credit hours)
CAE 502 Acoustics & Lighting
CAE 521 Building Illumination Design
CAE 524 Building Enclosure Design
CAE 553 Measurement & Instrumentation in Arch Engineering
ENVE 576 Indoor Air Pollution
ARCH 485 and ARCH 486 Structures I & II
ARCH 487 Eco Structures
ARCH 488 Long-Span & Special Structures
ARCH 508 Design Communications III
ARCH 509 Topics in Advanced Technology
ARCH 551 and ARCH 552 Design of Energy-Efficient Buildings I & II
ARCH 602 Crafting a Dissertation