Bri-lirious De-colage

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Primary Authors

  • Benson Chien
  • Eugene Su
  • Shiyu Guo


  • University of Southern California


  • Hadrian Predock (Director of Undergraduate Programs)


  • Wesley Clayton Jones


Creative chaos defines the urban interactions and constructions of India. The elevations of its street fronts are a mashup of different structural systems, materials, and programs. Time and events have built up this variance of layers, yet through all the chaos of the ad hoc buildings and repair, life functions fluidly. The most impressive example being everyday Indian traffic, where somehow a three lane street can become eight lanes of staggered mopeds, rickshaws, cars, and cows, combined with perpendicular crossing pedestrians. They take pride that their busy intersections have no street lights but through fast creative thinking, everyone is able to quickly and efficiently make their way. As a city center to Bhartiya, the site has as much a responsibility to give back to the city as it does to provide for the program of the building. Responding to technology company’s modern informal settings and long hours, the project wants to create a 24-hour metropolis. From the early morning coffee, afternoon work-out, and night time clubbing the building provides a framework to supply them all. Bri-lirious De-colage is interested in the multiplicity of Indian urban life as a distinct cultural underpinning. The delirious bricolaging of India’s urban level is often looked down upon by traditional urban planners as poor or unintelligent, however, we believe that its accomplishments and roots differentiate India from globalization. The delirious bricolaging should be a part of Indian’s modernization.

Project Statement

This studio is a research studio with the core mission of inventing new typologies of mixed-use and live-work spaces. The studio takes as a starting point a Master Plan created for a progressive developer in Bangalore, the technological hub of India. Within the master plan, which includes extensive residential, retail and hotel developments, there are two plots of land originally planned to be a mix of retail, offices and hotel. The developer seeks an innovative solution that creates a vibrant urban life, a mix of program that enhances the overall Bhartiya City, and new typologies of commercial spaces that will appeal to the progressive technology-based and other multinational corporations working in Bangalore. The development should be both a creative hub, as well as a center place of urban life in Bhartiya City. The key issues asked to focus on are the socio-economic context, urban place-making, and the evolving trends in the workplace. India is a country with a long history and rich traditions, often specific to each region and social class. While they are firmly rooted in the past, Indians are also highly entrepreneurial, with progressive outlooks on economics, technology, science and politics. As the city center building of the development, it is important that it is well connected, safe for children, full of life, and enhanced by landscape. Bhartiya’s city’s aspiration to become the Silicon Valley of India requires them to innovate the modern workplace to put them on the world stage as a technology hub.

Project Description

Bri-lirious De-Colage begins by questioning the core of the different programs. Trimming out the fat of traditional program and pulling out all the amenities, it is able to re-use all amenities as communal and circulatory space. The project layering consists of the retail layer on the bottom, the workplace floating above, and the live work blurring the lines between. This is arranged in a spiraling spring of program where by pulling the spring apart the negatives become the connection and amenity. By raising the offices, the bulk of the program, up into the air, the ground floor is able to break up into a more intimate scale of the small streets of India around a main pedestrian walkway. Creating these porous boundaries allows for user to meander and experience the space. Utilizing the large footprint of the floating office, the amenity spirals through and then spills over the roofscape, where the it becomes a collage of iconographic objects/pavilions. The live-work spaces then cascade down the in-between space of the ground and the floating offices. In its most simplistic form, Bri-lirious De-colage harbors multiple fragments of utopias in the air while connecting it to its urban environment through thin strands of circulation.

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