Zone of study (area) _ Mappings of the Zona_Programa
Image 3d _El project develops a great public commercial space necessary for the actividade of the zone, achieving an ideal space for the people.
Location, Lima, Peru
District Surrounded of Lima, Lima
Selection of area: Great accessibility ,great number of foreheads and environment.
Principal plants
Court of the Project _ Urban Cut
Constructive cut of a Sector
Area ( Supermarket Meter Shred Carabaya)
Interiors of the Proyect_ Constructive Process
Constructive details
strategies project

Primary Authors

  • Claudia Martínez Gálvez
  • Mirko Llamosa Quiroz


  • Universidad Particular de Chiclayo


  • Sharif Kahatt (Teacher)
  • Marta Morelli (Teacher)
  • Andrés Solano (Teacher)


  • Carlos Palomino Medina


The project I leak connector - exiling the BIG BOX, it is located in the hull of the historical Center of Lima, in the District of Enclosure of Lima, in Peru, in an area of 5000 square meters, located between the Shred Cuzco and the Shred Carabaya, with a rich environment in public spaces, cultural spaces and of managerial use. The project centres on the tourists and office workers due to the fact that they do not have the sufficient services for high percentage of the above mentioned users, being a building with public, commercial, cultural qualities and of housing. Taking as a strategy the development of a public commercial base (The First level), stimulating to the social development and in turn achieving the needs of the users satisfying of above mentioned zone. In the second level, a filter is generated I connect since it connects the public space and the intimate space of the project, hereby the public thing develops, public semi and the intimate of a most ideal way, the above mentioned filter connector possesses the zone of receipt, cultural spaces like Audiences and rooms of multiple uses. In the third floor a square is generated where a restaurant develops for the following levels. The quarter to the last level, develops the zone of housing, the intimate zone that contains rooms simply and suites, as well as a gymnasium in the last level for the use of the lodged persons.

Project Statement

Lima, it has settled itself as a metropolis in the last 60 years consolidated, with uses that today turn out to be old-fashioned for the city. Uses like factories, stores, industries, they belong to the periphery of the city, today they coexist with a series of metropolitan incompatible dynamics. The big commercial shops - The BIG BOX are volumes that occupy complete, inefficient apples for the high value of soil, but in a nearby future they will turn into a typology of extinction. Due to the high percentage of purchases on the market online, proposing places more boys as supermarkets express. In 1960s it begins the height of the Big Box in the USA, with Wal-Mart. K-Mart and Target. In 1990, the big stall lived through his height, but the future generations already do not have the profile of the great consumer of ends of the Sxx.. In the last 15 years Lima has developed a new middle class that composes the mass of new consumers of the modern city, and that demands abundance. For them, the big stall appear in Lima. This typology already not only is obsolete nowadays, for it we will see his restructuring in the next years, but it turns out to be inefficient for the demands of services that the city needs in all his scales and social groups.

Project Description

The project faces the problem of the renovation and urban restructuring to which the cardinal cities are submitted in the last decades, seeking to understand the social, urban, political and economic dimensions in game in the area of intervention, then to formulate strategies proyect for I build public proposed in areas of discharge social demand. Proposing hereby a project of multiple functions with impact and social meaning, beside facing the "public" factor of the architecture of different forms and scales. Developing strategies proyect adapted to articulate the expression of the urban architecture on a large scale in his different zones of intervention. In the offer, the building and the public spaces of the project, it will activate socially the environment to aspire to transform positively the landscape and to produce a substantial improvement in the quality of life for the inhabitants and floating population who is in the above mentioned sector. Hereby the area that was occupying the great box will happen for an inevitable restructuring, rethinking hereby the commercial use inside the new structures, to develop new uses and generating public spaces that enrich our lives.

Zone of study (area) _ Mappings of the Zona_Programa