Catalinas Plaza

Catalinas Plaza between the financial district and Río de la Plata
A new kind of nature formalizes a renovated contract between towers and public space
Node detail
Formal system detail
A new green patchwork in a dense urban environment
1. Intervention area and contingencies / 2. Formal strategy
3. Plan as formal crystallization / 4. The artificial crust projected vertically
Connection with neighbor's garden
The Plaza meets the sidewalk
The Plaza meets the tower
The project reacts to every contingency
Ortho-photo from 40 feet height

Primary Authors

  • Marcelo Faiden
  • Sebastián Adamo

Contributing Author

  • x (x)


  • Consultatio S.A.


  • Javier Agustín Rojas


The project assumes these contingencies as a starting point and proposes a system of spatial organization that sees each accident of the ground level as a stimulus capable of influencing its final crystallization. As a result, the pedestrian area and the vegetation surface required by LEED norms melt into a formal system which, projected vertically, characterizes each of the boundaries of the Plaza.


This public space is located in one of Catalinas Norte’s edges, an urban enclave of more than fifteen acres between the financial district and Buenos Aires touristic harbor. The irregular geometry of the plot contrasts with the orthogonal footprint of the tower, shaping a surrounding area of undefined identity, drilled by the infraestructural terminals that lays underground.


On a context characterized by office buildings, where the efficiency of the floor plan and the construction of a recognizable shape are the architecture main arguments, Catalinas Plaza brings back our gaze to the ground, to the public floor, making us remind the urgency of designing project techniques capable of conciliate between overlapped interests.

Catalinas Plaza between the financial district and Río de la Plata