Acolhuas House

Site Plan.
Introverted to neighbors, exploits its position of contiguity to park and surrounding gardens.
Main façade: containment and privacy.
Central courtyard: air and light.
A robust wrapping that develops around a majestic pianoforte.
Ground Floor. Spaces related to central courtyard and surrounding gardens.
Sections. Successive variations of scale, intimacy and hierarchy of spaces.
Park façade: windows framing landscape.
Entrance hall overlooking the park.
Light guiding the tour.
Honest materiality has been intended.
The relationship with the landscape is intentional with the routes.

Primary Authors

  • Laura Sánchez Penichet / SPRB arquitectos
  • Carlos Rodríguez Bernal / SPRB arquitectos

Contributing Authors

  • Ricardo Valdivia / SPRB arquitectos (Project Architect)
  • Orlando Quintero / SPRB arquitectos (Architect)
  • Cécile Bernicot / SPRB arquitectos (Architect)
  • Víctor Tomás / SPRB arquitectos (Architect)
  • Christina Gonnsen / SPRB arquitectos (Architect)
  • Alberto Capilla / SPRB arquitectos (Architect)
  • Jaime Velasco (General Contractor / Builder)
  • Andrés Velasco / BEST - Bufete de Estudios y Soluciones Técnicas (Structural Engineer)


  • Guillermo Guadalupe Sánchez Rivera


  • Lorena Darquea Schettini


As if it were the case of a precious musical instrument, the house is a robust wrapping that develops around the position of a majestic Bösendorfer piano. The main spaces are related to both the central courtyard and the surrounding gardens, either for functional relationships or for comfort issues given the mild climate of Guadalajara.


The house is located in a residential area of the city of Guadalajara peculiar for its hills, as well as densely wooded public parks. Adjacent to one of these parks is a private condominium formed by three houses, of which our project is the one that enjoys the best views of the park and is surrounded by gardens.


Introverted to its neighbors, exploits its privileged position of contiguity to a public park. To the orthogonality of the plant, the section is contrasted with its different interior reliefs of the roofs in successive variations of scale, intimacy and hierarchy of spaces. An honest materiality has been intended, both in its construction systems and in its finishes.

Site Plan.