Nominated Works

2014/Mchap For Emerging Architecture/Nominated

Guiponi Solano Maestro
AA 2241 House
Montevideo, Uruguay
January 2011
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Luis Callejas, Edgar Mazo and Sebastian Mejia
Aquatic Center for the XI South American Games
Medellin, Colombia
March 2010
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Kimberly Holden, Jonathan Mallie, Gregg Pasquarelli, Christopher Sharples, William Sharples, Coren Sharples
Barclays Center
Brooklyn, United States
September 2012
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Alberto Mozó Leverington
BIP computers building
Santiago, Chile
January 2008
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Arq. Marcelo Gualano / Arq. Martín Gualano
Block House
La Pedrera, Uruguay
January 2011
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Höweler + Yoon Architecture
BSA Space
Boston, United States
November 2011
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a77 (Gustavo Dieguez & Lucas Gilardi)
Cabin for Kids
Buenos Aires, Argentina
February 2006
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Marcos Boldarini
Cantinho do Céu Complex
São Paulo, Brazil
December 2011
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Rojkind Arquitectos
Cineteca Nacional
Mexico City, Mexico
November 2012
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Plan:B Architects (Felipe Mesa + Federico Mesa)
Disconnected Pavilion
Medellin, Colombia
August 2010
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Alfredo Thiermann Riesco
Dynamics of the Void
Santiago, Chile
July 2013
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Sandra Barclay & Jean Pierre Crousse
Equis House
Playa La Escondida, Peru
March 2003
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Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture
Flotana House
Cobano, Costa Rica
November 2013
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Saunders Architecture
Fogo Island Inn
Fogo Island, Canada
June 2013
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Saunders Architecture
Fogo Island Studios (Long, Squish, Bridge, Tower)
Fogo Island, Canada
June 2011
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Frieze Art Fair
New York, United States
May 2012
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Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects
Gallery House
San Francisco, United States
May 2010
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Tulane City Center
Grow Dat Youth Farm
New Orleans, United States
January 2012
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Sharon Johnston, Mark Lee
Hill House
Pacific Palisades, United States
October 2004
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Michael Maltzan, FAIA
Inner-City Arts
Los Angeles, United States
October 2008
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Frida Escobedo Lopez
La Tallera Siqueiros
Cuernavaca, Mexico
September 2012
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Juan Pablo Ortiz Suarez
Memory, Peace and Reconciliation Center - MPRC
Bogota D.C, Colombia
December 2012
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Matias Zegers
Mirador House
Casablanca, Chile
August 2012
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Maria Paz, Thomaz Regatos - Rizoma
Oiticica Restaurant
Brumadinho, Brazil
September 2010
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